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Background and Mission

In the face of today’s increasingly dynamic, uncertain business environment and accelerated digital transformation, the role of data analytics is critically important for firms to remain competitive and innovative. In order to improve business performance and customer relationships in the hospitality and retail industries, the CHRIBA (the Center hereafter) aims to research and advance data-driven decision-making and actionable business insights for customer-oriented industries. By bringing together academic researchers and industry practitioners, the Center aims to be a thought leader in hospitality and retail business analytics through research, education, and outreach.


The goal of the Center is to serve as a platform for cutting-edge applied research utilizing data analytics in collaboration with corporate partners, business leaders, and analytics experts from the hospitality and retail industries.


The Center focuses on several initiatives related to business analytics:

  1. Conducting analytical research oriented towards the hospitality and retail industries

  2. Disseminating research outcomes through academic journals, trade journals, the Center’s website, and mass media, including YouTube

  3. Engaging in outreach by collaborating on industry and community projects

  4. Developing business analytics courses for graduate and undergraduate students with the ultimate goal of developing a new M.S. program and/or undergraduate concentration/minor in business analytics

  5. Organizing seminars, workshops, forums, colloquia, and/or conferences to share research outcomes and enhance analytical skills

  6. Supporting a student-run analytics club for students interested in enriching their knowledge of business analytics 

Research and Subject Areas

 (These research areas can be expanded in accordance with future development and further collaborations.)

The Center pursues not only descriptive research but also diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive research for the hospitality and retail industries. The primary subject areas include but are not limited to:

  • Business strategies: firm growth, franchising, internationalizing, and business model innovation

  • Revenue management and pricing: demand forecasting, loyalty programs, online distribution channels, and competition analysis

  • Hospitality and retail finance/accounting strategies: dividend/stock repurchases, cost structure, capital structure, working capital management, and risk management

  • Asset management strategies: property transactions, management contracts, and location strategy

  • Hospitality and retail marketing strategies: advertising, brand equity, behavioral economics, and brand image

  • Hospitality and retail service management and consumer behaviors: customer satisfaction, handling complaints, organic products, healthy menus, and green practices

  • Hospitality and retail distribution channel management: digital transformation, supply chain resilience, and consumer co-production

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